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Since May of this year 2017 we have started a pilot-project as proof of concept. The project is initiated to sponsor young volunteers, to support them traveling all over the world to help other people in need and to show that the innovative idea is working.
We learn by doing. The feedback we get from the volunteers before, during and after their journey is important to optimize the work-flows and communication. Also we learn how to handle the fundraising.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-04 um 16.54.237 people of different European countries did apply successfully:
Jakob Peters (19) from Germany, Frank Pullen (23), Marja Wildschut (22), Hendrik de Kok (20) from Holland, Briac Barthes (24), Flavie Moreau (21) and Christel Bartehs (55) from France have applied for projects in South-America (Peru), Africa (Tanzania), Europe (Hungary), USA (Hawaii), Middle-East (Irak) und South-Asia (India and Bhutan).

Read about Briac Barthes, who is currently volunteering  in Tanzania. His story, images and the updates you find on our fundraising page.

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